Motion Graphics + 3D Design

Motion graphics is a popular technique to create the visual effects we often see on television and in big productions: titles, trailers, credits, lower thirds, animation, digitally created fire and explosion particles in 2D and 3D, etc. We also create 3D models from 2D images such as logos, as well as other 3D models for any number of uses.

Whiteboard Animation

We create a unique and attractive whiteboard animation and shape it into a sleek final product ready for educational, commercial and entertainment purposes. We can author your video for any platform you need, from YouTube to classroom to boardroom to cinema.

Video Filming and Production

We capture your social event, presentation, and work with you on your movie project. We have more than ten years' experience, first in television and then as freelance video professionals, that we put at your service for smooth and fun filming.

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Video Editing


Motion Graphics


Web Site Design


Graphic Design



We offer free consultations and quotes. We like to hear about your projects and we are happy to share our experience with you.


We can help you put yourself or your business online and reach the rest of the world.


Impress your audience by adding amazing effects and animations to your films and videos.


We can create fun and entertaining ways to deliver your message using whiteboard animation, a popular technique.


We work with you to edit your material the way you need it, to get the best result.


We can help you create stunning 3D images for commercials, education, or to give that punch and depth to your company. A popular request is a 3D animation of your logo.




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Our Team

Paris Escandón
Video Editing & Motion Graphics
Paris  Escandón, originally from Mexico City, was left partially blind in the beginning of the year 2000 by kidney disease.… Read More
Solange Courteau
Writing & Coordination
Solange does most of the writing and coordinates the production (behind-the-scenes) of the shoots: making sure everybody has what they… Read More
Santiago Escribano
Video Editing & Post-Producer
Filmomentum Spain Read More
Stevens Cossy
Sound Designer
I only learned to play the piano when I was 9, but before that, I'd always be humming every TV… Read More



We contracted Paris and Solange from Filmomentum to produce a 5 minute video for us. The team was fantastic to work with. They handled everything. They hired voice actors and animators. They came to our site to record some live video and produced everything. They were very easy to work with and the prices were very reasonable. Would definitely highly recommend.


Stephane Beaulieu - CISCO

"Paris Escandon is a true artist. Each project he produces tells a story and is infused with technical skill, emotion and beauty. Patient, professional and extremely personable, the Filmomentum team are a pleasure to work with. They won’t rest until you are completely satisfied. I’m certain the video they create for you will not only meet but exceed your expectations!"

Natalie Peachy

"Hi Paris, My wife and I could not imagine being without the video that you made for us. Your service was indispensable! From the opening music, to the menus and interviews, your creativity and professionalism were apparent. The production throughout the film was stellar. No superlatives can accurately convey how happy we are with the work you have done for us. You are both great people, and great at what you do. It was our pleasure to have had you at our wedding, and we thank you for providing us with such a beautiful video to commemorate it."


"Hi Paris We just finished watching the video..and I have to say I’m so impressed. It is the best wedding video I have ever seen. Very well put..Im so happy with the whole outcome. There is nothing I would change..it is that good. I cant wait to show it around. It being the best money we spent on a service for our wedding. Thank you so much.. Thank you."


"Omg you guys are amazing! It looks beautiful! I can’t wait to get home and post it on my web site Please let me know how I should cite you guys:)Thank you so much I will be happy to refer you."

Jen Cimbron

"Everybody loves what you’ve created. We want to Thank you! from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work and dedication to details. We are extremly impressed with your video effects, easy going attitude and turn around time. The music videos you created will always be dear to us in our hearts. You were very approcheable concerning us getting all the video coverage you had and we thank you for that. We were also impressed with how quick you had things ready and the patience you showed with us when we put things off many times. We are also impressed with how you took our extra footage and even changed the landscape view of one of our videos. The only thing we found that didn’t work for us was when you wanted us to pick from pieces of video you created for our short video which we would then send to our friends and family. We liked all the pieces but the ceremomy was all one piece which was over an hour so we couldn’t pick any footage from the ceremony. We definately wanted parts of our ceremony to be in the video going to our friends and family. We appeciate the time and effort you and your wife put into this and want to Thank you!!/Gracias!! from the bottom of our hearts. Best Regards!/Cordiales saludos!"

Phil & Gina

"Hi Solange and Paris, We watched our video and before it even started my tears started. They were tears of joy. Seeing the pictures of our parents on the mantle right at the beginning like that and seeing the picture of my Dad and Mike’s Mom again later in the video was perfect, thank you for capturing that. I absolutely loved the photo montage that you did at the beginning it is like you are telling our story leading up to the wedding it was perfect and all of the music fit so well with the video editing it was like it was written just for us! You did a fantastic job and we would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone looking for a professional video and such a quick turn around too! Our only regret is that we didn’t have you stay to capture the speeches and some of the other evening events. If only we could turn back the clock….. We will enjoy this video for years and years to come. Thank you both so much xo"

Debby & Mike

It has been our pleasure to work with:


Engagement 1


Engagement 2


Wedding package 1


Wedding Deluxe


On-location “informal” romantic video shoot to celebrate your engagement. This includes planning, pre-production and post-production and the final product is a beautifully edited musical video to share with each other – and family and friends.

On-location “formal” video, with 2 videographers with HD cameras covering your official engagement party for up to four hours. Final product includes highlights of the event and a musical highlights video.


Two videographers with HD cameras filming your ceremony and reception, for up to six hours total. Final product includes a full-length version of your ceremony, highlights of the reception, and a musical highlights video.

Two videographers with 4K cameras and one drone for aereal highlights filming your ceremony and reception, as well as a third location of your choice, such as the bride’s preparation, for up to eight hours total. The final product includes a full-length version of your ceremony, highlights of the reception, highlights of the third location/event and a short musical highlights video in 4K resolution.


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