Whiteboard Animation Services

Personalized Styles

Motion Graphics White Board Technique

Whiteboard animation can be as creative as you want. Using different elements and techniques, you can get some stunning results. Depending on your project, idea and institution, we can give your video the look you need.

This method of whiteboard animation video can use vectorized images, 3D elements, photographs, and video. Computer animation simulates a camera travelling around a white board while animated sequences of hands write, draw, push and pull elements in the scene. This technique of whiteboard is very versatile, combining different animation techniques to obtain stunning results at an affordable price by removing the need for expensive studio lighting, space, and crew. Since everything is done through computer animation, there is more control over the production process, which significantly reduces the cost and complexity of modifications. In other words, it is easier and faster to make a series of similar videos, as well as changes to product descriptions, etc. This technique provides the opportunity to go beyond the usual whiteboard background and style, creating a wide variety of unique presentations.

The Process

Everything starts with your Script

The first and most important step in any video production is defining your goals and resources for your video, and drafting your script. Once we see a copy of your script, a short description of what you have in mind (this is where examples are helpful), and your time frame, we can provide a preliminary budget and timeline.

Average time required: 1 week

The Storyboard: planning for success

The storyboard is required to give an exact quote and time frame. Thanks to the storyboard, we know the exact number of images, as well as the rhythm, duration and flow of the video. If changes are required, they are made during this process, before production begins.

Average time required: 2-3 weeks

Pre-production: gathering the elements

Once your script and storyboard have been approved and finalized, we cast a voice actor (to be approved by you), coordinate the graphic artist, and manage the music in preparation for animation and video production. You will provide logos, official corporate colours, fonts, jingles, key images and other elements that must be included in the video.

Average time required: 2-3 weeks

Production & Delivery

Once you have approved all the elements, we will create a first draft of the video. You then provide feedback and final approval regarding the audio and video components. Once the final version of the video is approved, your whiteboard animation will be ready to be broadcast, shared on social media, posted on your website or presented to your audience. We will provide you with the copies and formats you need so your message can reach the widest audience possible.

Average time required: 3-6 weeks depending on the duration and complexity of the video

Our Pricing

Whiteboard animations range from $20-$50 per unique doodle (and $10 each subsequent time we use the image). Since there are usually about 15-25 doodles in a minute, your whiteboard animation can range from about $250 to $850 per minute for the animation.

Royalty-free background music usually costs $20 if we use music that already exists, or more (about $300) for a custom composed and recorded song. Professional voice over costs $300 for up to 5 minutes.