Stevens Cossy

Stevens Cossy

  • 1 Nov 2014

I only learned to play the piano when I was 9, but before that, I’d always be humming every TV show theme song I would ever watch. By my mid-teens, I had learned to play the bass, guitar, drums and loved to dabble on the trumpet.

Being the eldest child, my early musical influences came from my parents. It was pretty eclectic consisting of the classic saas player Zulfu Livaneli of Turkey, the heavy drum foot of Zepplin, the Cuban-inspired rhythms but my deepest rotation were always tied between Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Guy. The Blues has always been at the soul of my playing.

After having done numerous TV gigs, wearing a multitude of hats, I kept winding up as the main sound mixer. This is where I got the majority of my “chops” and understanding of routing and master control volume. I worked my way around from the front of house mixer to stage mixer. I developed a keen sense of operations and as working as a team.

As a young adult, I successfully played and toured with 2 groundbreaking groups of different genres who both attained great success attributed to our longstanding dedication to the music. Over the last decade, I have put together a great production studio where I have written, recorded and mastered approximately 200 hours of music. My goal is to work this music into production pieces, keep up with my writing and recording all while trying to get out more to network with people in my community. Being around people keeps me grounded and reminds me of the magic that surrounds us all. The experience of being in like-minded individuals’ company allows us to reach the highest level of sense required to render a work of art. My art, our art, art in general is the cultivation of these many harvests.